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Lark thinks to himself there are no rules anymore
there's only the ever constant
law of evolution
Become what is or you will be what is not.

Comment here with questions, concerns, ideas, etc.


Aug. 8th, 2019 09:55 pm
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[One day, a lock box appears in one of the common areas. Dear Abby is written on the side, along with instructions:

Deposit your concerns, share what ails you, and Abby will advise.

For your privacy, the acceptable format for your letter is as follows:

Dear Abby,
I have a concern.
Signed, Concerned Writer

(Your name should always be a one or two word summary of your concern.)


Jul. 26th, 2019 01:19 pm
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Leave a message, knock on his door, etc.
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Con is as tall as Lark, but built of more muscle, and he's a little younger. He smiles easily, and he's young enough to let in light to every room he enters with the sheer strength of his optimism. The rest of the pack is made up of lawyers closer to Lark's age, or soldiers just back from the war; Con is untouched by the tedium and compromise of the legal system, or the utter hell of fighting for richer, lazier men.

Given a few years though, and a little experience that Lark could generate for him, Con would be one hell of a leader. Despite his innocence, the pack loves him already. So here, now, in Lark's pack, Con is a threat. There are plans that he trips over because he doesn't listen when Lark pushes him away. There are secrets he could expose, and thereby endanger Lark and the rest of the pack.

What Lark does is draw him closer. He teaches him the principles of war, which govern everything as surely as any law of physics. And when Con understands them, when he picks them up just as quickly and naturally as Lark suspected he would, Lark begins to break these principles in small but glaring ways.

What he needs is for Con to believe the pack would be safer under his hand rather than Lark's. It only takes a month. That's how fast a young man can go from mere recruit to thinking he can take whatever he wants if he can justify it with selflessness.

Lark was challenged
that night there was no moon.
The pack had seen and felt it
coming and building.
Lark was a man when it started,
wolf when it ended.
Con tried to cut him with a knife
coming in through the front door
but with perfect liquid grace,
Lark slipped past the weapon's edge
grabbed Con's hand and bent it back.
The blade flew through the Ruscha.
Teeth gleamed bare and sharp...
Con was a man when it started,
he wasn't much by the time it was done.


Lark has to have his pack tight.

Poor fucking Con, he was strong and he was proud,
Lark liked him fine but the pack is stronger now,
they're solid.
"Thank you, Con," he thinks to himself
as he puts on cuff links, straightens his tie.
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[Getting on board was a moment of chaos. He remembers turning a corner, expecting to find fur and blood in his mouth, expecting maybe to get torn up in return, expecting maybe a bullet from above to take him down, too-

But instead he's somewhere metal, somewhere that smells of strangers and strangeness, and he's bleeding a trail but he runs for safety anyway. If there is any. If there are doors, anywhere, that he can open without changing back, because this has to be the FBI's work and so long as they think he's just a wolf, maybe they won't slit him open and poke around inside.

[ooc: Lark is a wolf, for now. He'll have to change back sooner or later even if he doesn't want to, so feel free to tag him as human or wolf, just lemme know which.]


Jan. 30th, 2014 01:53 pm
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I may have asked this before, but if I did, it was before this last...paradigm shift.

What is the worst thing you've ever imagined doing? Not something you did do--but something you dreamed up to soothe yourself.


Nov. 28th, 2012 02:44 pm
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[The first thing Lark does is follow his nose. He gets himself some food, enough to clear his mind, and then finds a quiet corner up on the deck where he can watch the universe drift by. He watches the network first, making cursory judgments of the people there. And then he turns the camera on himself.

He's not sure any of this is real, but it's always safest to pretend it is. If it's real to these people, it needs to be real to him.

Monarchism depth doubtfully entrancing.

[He closes his eyes, no. Not right. Slow breath in: who am I?]

Sorry. My name is Lark. I've already introduced myself to the cafeteria, [he holds up his clean spoon] You eat pretty well here. Better than I've had in other cages. I can tell what most of the things on my plate were originally. In a place like this, in times like these, that's a blessing.

[Now the question. Time to find out the important things. He should have waited, but he doesn't have time to spare.

Who am I? Lark. Where am I? That, as Shakespeare said, is the question.

I'm still monkey lid drudging cloud?
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